Friday, November 25, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun

Happy Friday!! 


1. I love when I see my husband.  My eyes light up every time, even after 8 years.

2. I am going to be lazy ALL day today.

3. I will not shop on Black Friday.  Madness!!!!!!

4. After a big holiday meal, I love leftovers.  Not the same day necessarily, but in the future!


  1. I like leftovers too! I don't think they would fit in on the same day though! :)

  2. I had some left overs on the yesterday and now i'm eating them today also. : )

  3. It seems a lot of us are like-minded when it comes to Black Friday shopping...I'm being lazy as well...well, except for the decorating. :)

  4. A lazy day sounds great... it is exactly what I plan on doing this weekend. Love your answer to#1

  5. Tonya - I did two plates on Thanksgiving Day, and I had some leftovers for lunch! Yum!
    Joseph - A man after my own heart! There is always room for Thanksgiving food!
    Susi - If I wasn't going out of town in a couple of weeks, I'd be decorating too! Maybe that's why I'm so bored this weekend!
    Hilary - My lazy day was fun, but it left my mind wandering!!


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