Thursday, November 17, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun

This week I get to be co-host to Feeling Beachie's Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun!! Each week Hilary posts four fill-in the blank statements, copy them to your post, fill them in, and link up!! It's so easy and so fun! This is one of the most interactive blog hops I've participated in, so it is worth it to join! Hilary is always looking for co-hosts so feel free to submit some fill-in statements to her and you can be co-host too!!

Here it goes...

This week's statements are (the last two are mine!):

1. I love the smell of ___.
2. When I fly, I ___.
3. I don't like ___ but I ___.
4. My favorite ___ is ___. 

My answers: 

1. I love the smell of Bath and Body Works' white tea and ginger.  Not necessarily my favorite smell, but since I shopped in there this past weekend it is fresh on my mind.
2. When I fly, I tend to look out the window more than I think I will.
3. I don't like drama but I find myself getting pulled into it all the time. Ahh!!!
4. My favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood.

Don't forget to link up!!!



  1. My daughter just loves Bath and Body but she changes "scents" all the time - always something new.

  2. Hi Jen...following you from Hilary's blog hop...I tend to get pulled into drama more than I like, too!!!

  3. I Love Robin Hood! I had forgotten all about it!
    have a great weekend!

  4. Number 1, Lol! I always like to smell the soap bars and shampoos in those kind of places. : )

  5. I love looking out the window, but end up doing it less then I think I would

  6. My Kid's Mom - I ended up getting a ton of different scented hand sanitizer on my last visit. So many new scents!
    Susi - Drama = bad!! :)
    Brenda - Robin Hood is so underrated!
    Joseph - I'm a fan of the candles they have!
    Hilary - It's just so amusing to see everything below so small!


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