Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coastal Carolina Fair - 2011

Every year there is a fair here at the Ladson Fairgrounds.  It's real close to where we live so it's real easy to visit, we definitely take it for granted.  We haven't been in a few years, but I was pretty determined to go this year.  Definitely craving fair food and a caricature! So we went this past Thursday night for a date night.  

Not the best quality pic, but I think you get the picture.  I love it!! I did decide that I should have been wearing my hair down (I was earlier in the day at work but after 9+ hours of all that hair, I had to pull it up) and I would have much rather have been wearing my contacts.  I haven't worn my contacts in weeks because I had a bad allergy spell and my eyes were so itchy so I couldn't tolerate them.  So glasses it was and I've been nervous to try the contacts again.  And for me, seasons don't matter in regard to allergies.  When I let my guard down in the winter months, the allergies come back to bite me.

Fair food! Yum.  Well, half yum.  I had pulled pork barbecue for dinner and it was awful.  I should have gone for something more fair-like, but I could smell the BBQ and it smelled good.  Brad and a gyro and it was huge! We both had a funnel cake, his was with cherries and mine was plain.  They were awesome! We got a turkey leg to go and let the animals nibble.  Daisy was in heaven...



  1. Ya, I've never worn contacts before because I don't like to put them in, I don't like to touch my eyes. : )

  2. ive never been! looks like fun! mmm turkey legs!!!

  3. Joseph - My husband feels the same way! He doesn't want to try contacts because he doesn't like the finger in eye thing.
    Lauren - It comes around every October, so if you find yourself back in Charleston any October, check it out!


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