Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your momma won first place!

Last night we went to music trivia again at Logan's with Brad's sister Michele, her husband Mat, and our friend Kim.  And we won first place!! It was awesome.  We did so well.  There weren't a lot of teams otherwise there probably would have been some more competition, but we seriously annihilated by like 15 points.  We used last week's gift certificate for desert and it was yummy.  I had one of those little shot desserts, fudge brownie with ice cream.  Small and delicious.  Brad had an alcoholic beverage for dessert, nice.  I did have some wine... I love some wine.

Oh and for dinner we had crab cakes, spinach, and couscous.  I love couscous.  I also made a pear dessert that was part of the Publix recipe that was not a hit with Brad at all.  I didn't think it was terrible, but it was not my favorite by any means, hence the required additional dessert at Logan's a couple of hours later.

And while I was looking for the recipe link for the dinner from last night, I came across the recipe for a dinner we had a couple of nights ago that was yummy! Enchiladas! Not sure what I'm going to make tonight, but I have a bunch of recipes to choose from.  Maybe some tomato and gnocchi soup!

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