Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your momma got third place

Some people know I've got a thing for saying "your momma" at the most inappropriate times.  Not at a funeral or anything like that, but when it makes absolutely no sense.  Brad will say, "I need a pen" and I will say "your momma needs a pen".  See what I mean? Once in a while I'll actually say something that makes sense, and I get all giddy, but most of the time it involves pens, magazines, the couch, the car, etc...

So last night we went to music trivia again at Logan's.  We brought Brad's sister Michele and her husband Mat.  There were more current songs in the game and we did pretty darn good! Our team name? You guessed it... "Your Momma".  We won third place and a $10 gift card to Logan's that we plan to use next Monday on desert for me and Chele!

Something else funny about our evening is that almost every other team that played had mom/dad/mommy/daddy/momma in their titles too.  It was weird! We didn't find that out until the end.  

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