Saturday, October 15, 2011

New couch Saturday!

I'm very excited because today we are having a new couch delivered.  I had a very hard time making the decision to buy a new couch, it falls in line with my replacement shopping motto - something like "if you don't really need to replace it, don't."  Yes, the couch is broken.  There are some pulls in the microfiber from the cats, a separated seam, and some actual broken wood in the back.  But it's been like that for months and we've been using it all that time without a problem.  It is still pretty comfy, but I think we're just ready for a change and something that isn't broken.

So what to do with a somewhat decent couch we no longer need? Well, if you mention "broken" to some of the furniture donation centers, it doesn't make them happy.  This was pretty upsetting because I know from work that there are people out there who would love a couch without cushions let alone a couch that is slightly broken.  Some handy-man skills and some TLC will have it back to somewhat new in no time.

I Facebook ranted about my dilemma and a friend of mine came back with a couple of ideas I never would have thought of! Who knew you could list things for free on Craigslist? To be honest, I never even thought Craigslist in the first place, odd, otherwise I might have thought of trying to list it for free.  And let me just put it out there that our neighborhood doesn't get too much traffic so putting things out by the curb isn't always effective.

Anyway, I did just that, listed on Craigslist for free with pictures of the couch and close-ups of the damage so people could see what they'd be getting and not be surprised.  And I got four e-mails last night!! First come, first serve of course, but like a good little girl, I let everyone know that if the person ahead of them fell through, I'd let them know.  To which they were very appreciative.

So now I'm up, excited, at the crack of dawn (not really) just waiting for "out with the old and in with the new..."

Bye bye couchie.


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