Sunday, October 2, 2011

My new craft space!

You may recall when I was excited about My Scrap Space, and then when I blogged about inspiration from fellow bloggers.

Well, over the past week I've taken care of business and I'm not completely finished, but I'm super happy with the direction this is heading in!

So we started with a closet in the room my existing scrap space was.


Kind of a mess! So I cleaned it out completely, ripped the lower shelf I had installed on the left side off of the wall, filled the holes, and painted the inside the same color as the room, a very light green.

Next I shopped for the materials I'd need to make a working surface.  I picked up a piece of wood from Lowe's and a couple of cube bookshelves from Target.  Put it all together and formed a desk.

I added a fluorescent light, also from Lowe's.  Filled the shelves with some of my materials (paper, glues, cutters, cards and envelopes).  And I found this cute little trash can at Dollar Tree that I could use for my scrap papers.   My idea was to spray paint it white to go with the desk, but it turned out, the spray paint I purchased at Lowe's was garbage and wouldn't even cover the desk, so I'm going to need to shop again for that and then tackle this project again.  Right now, I'm satisfied with the appearance and Brad actually really likes the smokey look of the shelves.

The other things I picked up at Dollar Tree were some clear containers with lids.  Perfect for storing my stamps, inks, stickers, and other embellishments.  All the way to the right on this shelf is my brand new Cricut! Plum colored.  

The rest of the room got a bit of a makeover as well.  

The games in the corner used to be in the closet.  I like this set up a bit better because pulling those games out of the closet was a real pain, but now they are right there.  The futon was in the computer room, and there was a full-size bed in this room that we dismantled.  We decided we really need to make the space in our house work for us, and we weren't getting the best usage out of the two spare bedrooms.  So this room may turn into a little den or something.  We're planning to replace the TV in our bedroom soon, so the existing TV can sit on the dresser in this room and we can sit on the futon and watch, or any overnight guests can have TV in their room.  I'm also planning to paint over the furniture in here so it matches, or at least coordinates.  The bookcase is one color, the futon another, the dresser another, and then the little table is different as well. 

Everything is a work in progress.  But the closet-turned-craft space is the perfect little place for me to work on my card-making, and now that I've got my very own Cricut, I plan to make a lot!

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