Saturday, October 15, 2011

It was a movie kind of day...

The new couch arrived! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it.  It's so comfortable.  It's the kind of couch where you can't have a favorite spot because all the spots are comfy.

Some things didn't work out quite like I had planned.  We had planned to keep the loveseat that matched our old couch until we found an accent chair we liked.  Once the new couch came in, I realized that it just wasn't going to work.  I wasn't crazy about the way we had to place the couch in order to accommodate the loveseat and decided the loveseat wasn't worth it.

So, the first person who contacted me from Craigslist regarding the couch called me this morning and said they'd be here around noon.  At about three I called them and no response.  I also e-mailed them once to see if they were still coming.  Then around 5:00 I sent them an e-mail and said never mind.  I called the second person who e-mailed me and they were here in half an hour.  Deal.

I asked them if they wanted the loveseat too, they were thrilled.  Young kids, probably college students.  I'm glad I went that route because I've been there and didn't have the money to buy a napkin let alone a couch.  So I feel pretty good about the couch going to someone who needs it.

All the "kids" love the new couch. The kitties like the chaise part, Daisy found her spot in the corner.  Conflicts with her dada a bit, but they'll get past it.

Mayo isn't too crazy about the couch.  She prefers the floor.  She spends most her time laying on the small patch of linoleum by the front door.  I guess because it's cool.  She does realize we have a whole kitchen of that and she doesn't have to restrict herself to a 5 x 5 space? 

So this dog, who I had to lift into the car yesterday because she just couldn't jump, has found a new home... on my bed...  Funny how she can suddenly jump when she wants to.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the coffee table... 

In other news, I watched Megamind today and it was great! I loved it.  I also watched Horrible Bosses and it was pretty darn funny too.  What better way to spend a day with a new couch then chilling watching movies?

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