Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally, some time...

Highlight of my week: Brad's first trip to Dollar Tree, "where everything is one dollar."  The Dollar Tree is right next door to his work, and I ran in there to see about some additions to my new craft space (featured in my next post) while I waited for him to get off.  He met me in there and was looking around and kept saying, "everything is $1?" I was stunned he hadn't been in a Dollar Tree before.  It was adorable.  He had to explore everything before we left.

What else happened this week? It's so hard to catch up when you're behind, that's for darn sure! Oh, duh! We had our date night on Friday night at Bottles N Brushes! It was so much fun!! We did each others portrait, Picasso style.  They came out very interesting!! And despite that, we hung them on our wall.  We decided we want to do couples night again, and again and again, and use one particular wall in our house to display our art work.  Fun! It suits our own unique style in the house.

Saturday was the Gamecock - Auburn game.  It was horrible!!!! I don't even want to talk about it.  We had a good time with Brad's sister Michele, her husband Mat, and our friend Cleve.  That was the highlight of the night.  Period.

Ok, so stay tuned because I'll be right back with my craft space post!

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