Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling kind of Buffy...

One of my favorite TV shows, a guilty pleasure if you will, is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I can watch episodes of that show over and over and over again.  Since we got the new couch and I really love it, I've been pondering a reason to sit on it for a prolonged period of time.  What better reason than a Buffy-a-thon?

My dear friend Missa and I used to get together on <<insert appropriate weekday here because I can't remember>> and eat cookie dough ice cream and watch the new episode of Buffy on WB, then UPN.  Whenever I see an episode of Buffy on TV, I am so nostalgic for those days.  I miss Missa like crazy.

Anyway, I have two options for my Buffy watching... I can get a quick subscription to Netflix and watch the seasons via the Xbox, or I can just buy the darn DVDs already and have them forever! So I have a question, I'm going to survey the crowd (insert crickets chirping here).  

If I choose to buy the DVDs, should I go with the boxed set? Or should I buy each season individually, used? There are 7 seasons and most, if not all, are listed at $10 and under used at Amazon.  The boxed set anywhere from $90-$150 used and new.  

I need opinions because I've never bought DVDs used from Amazon before and I'm not sure what kind of quality or guarantee I'm going to get.  In a past life I worked at Blockbuster and I saw first hand the condition used DVDs can come in... thoughts??

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