Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corny goodness!

Last night for dinner Brad and I made blackened tuna with fresh salsa and chuck wagon corn.  Ever since making the corn salad from another recipe, I can't see corn and cilantro without craving it.  So I made that too.  Take a look at our plate.

Definitely some corn there!! But oh my gosh it was just to die for.  Every last bit of it.  I loved this dinner! We have two more tuna steaks so I think I know what we'll be eating again soon.

And since I linked up to the corn salad recipe, I was reminded of the entree that was with the corn salad, beef and potato quesadillas! Those were awesome!! Now I'm going to need those again, oh dear!

Last thing to add, I popped the rest of the cilantro I purchased today into the freezer.  I have frozen herbs before, like basil, and they've turned color but haven't lost their flavor, so here's hoping the cilantro does the same.  I would just love to have some of that on hand all the time. 

And yesterday was my niece Maddie's birthday! Happy birthday Maddie!!

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