Monday, October 17, 2011

Another delicious Publix dinner!

I need to start exploring some other avenues for recipes because I feel like I'm starting to turn into a spokesperson for Publix.  No, I do not get paid by them! Ha.

Last night we had hot and sour soup with eggless "egg" salad sandwiches.  It was pretty good.  The eggless sandwiches were made with tofu.  Wasn't bad, wasn't especially flavorful either.  I think I'll take the hot and sour soup from this recipe and that's about it.  It was yum!

Tonight we're doing music trivia at Logan's.  As per usual.  Hopefully we'll win something again.  It is doing wonders for my ego.  Since the first trivia night we went to at Logan's was supposed to be the last one they did, I'm always afraid that there won't be a "next week".  Crossing my fingers that doesn't happen any time soon.

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