Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yummy quiche!

There is a new love in my life: turkey bacon.  

In the past I was never a fan of turkey bacon.  Or ground turkey.  I love beef and pork and I hated that people were using poultry to replace them.  Specifically, my mom making poultry balls instead of meatballs.  Sacrilegious.

On one of my coupon shopping trips, I snagged some turkey bacon at a great price, with a coupon and a B1G1 free deal.  Brad fixed it for one of our weekend breakfast meals and I was in love.  This love affair has not ended yet.  

We didn't know what to eat for lunch today and I was craving some turkey bacon.  We had some with grits for breakfast yesterday, but in my opinion you can never get enough of a good thing.  

I had a pie crust in the freezer leftover from when I made a crab quiche, so I thought - bacon and cheese quiche! And a star was born.  Cheddar cheese, turkey bacon, chopped onions, and lots of eggs = pure deliciousness.  

This picture isn't the greatest, sorry.  I'm not a fan of the upper crust on pies or quiches so I knocked mine off before I had the thought to take a picture.  Oops.  And I had already had a bite, double oops.  It was awesome! 

Having finally used turkey bacon in a recipe, I can finally say that it CAN be substituted for bacon in a recipe.  I was always afraid of that since, no matter how good it is, it's still not real bacon.

Other stuff:

I'm pretty addicted to Twitter now.  I think some of the celebs out there are funny as heck and it's kind of neat to get in their heads a little bit.  I am seriously not one of those paparazzi stalking people just dying to know what so and so's new thing is, but it is kind of neat to follow people I actually like and see what they're like in their real life.  Maybe it's the psych nerd in me.  Who knows? 

I started some of my Spanish work, ahead of schedule, but I was bored.  Is it shameful to be bored on a weekend? On a three day weekend at that?

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