Friday, September 23, 2011

My trip to Fort Worth, Day 1

Saturday, September 17th.

My flight was delayed leaving Charleston.  The plane had to be serviced and it took a little longer than expected.  So instead of arriving shortly after 2, I arrived shortly after 3, I think.  It's all a bit fuzzy now.  I was on a two and one plane, very small, but the ride was nice and smooth.  When I left Charleston the temp was in the 60s, felt kind of cold, when I got off in Fort Worth it was like a heat wave hit me and nearly knocked me down! Tejas was hot!!

I missed my shuttle though and had to call for a new one, which was fine.  We circled the insane DFW airport for a long time before heading off to the hotel.  On my shuttle (which wasn't the space-like shuttle you're all imagining, but rather a multi-passenger van, hehe) there were two other people heading to the same conference.  One from Baton Rouge and one from California.  Exciting!

I got to the hotel and it was beautiful! I fell in love with my room and felt like a princess.  The shower was gorgeous and I never wanted to leave it.  I loved taking showers in that shower.  It even sounded wonderful, like rain.  Everything was perfect.  I had signed up for their loyalty program and online you can set all kinds of preferences, like extra towels/pillows, where you want your room, etc.  So I did and they fulfilled! It was great. 

 The view outside my room wasn't fantastic, but it was new so I guess it was OK.  It was very gray the first two days, but it never rained.  Poor Texas, they could sure use it.  I think it rained Sunday evening in Dallas, but not Ft. Worth. 

I took a shower in the amazing shower and headed down to the lobby to meet my dear friend Shelley and her baby girl Mattie.  By recommendation of the front desk staff, we headed to Chuy's for Tex-Mex and it was fantastic.  Loved the food and it was just what I wanted.

Back at the hotel I ordered Scream 4 off the TV and some strawberry ice cream.  The movie was good, the ice cream was great, life was good.  

I fell asleep real easy but woke up a few times during the night.  I requested that my room be near the elevator for ease of access, but I didn't think that this would mean noisy people getting on and off the elevator all night long.  Oh well, when I slept, I slept good, and the waking up didn't matter at all.

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