Thursday, September 22, 2011

My entertainment while at the conference...

I started reading The Help on my flight to Fort Worth.  The flight was only a few hours so I didn't get too far into the book, but I loved it and picked it up every chance I got.  Sunday morning was kind of slow as the events didn't begin until after 2, so I read quite a bit then, and more before bed at night.  I absolutely loved the book and can't wait to see the movie now.  I heard it was very true to the book and that makes me happy.  My mom is a BookCrosser and it was her book, so I "released" the book in the hotel in Fort Worth! I hope someone great picked it up!

Saturday night, my first night there, I rented Scream 4 on the TV at the hotel.  I honestly thought it would be better, but I thought it was good enough.  Scream was always one of my favorite horror flicks, and I'm glad they did a decent job with it.  I always like it when they can actually keep a cast through the sequels.