Saturday, September 24, 2011

List Challenge: Favorite gifts you've ever received

~ Does the gift of life count? I think it should...
~ My camera! Not just the one I have now, but every camera I was ever gifted.  I love taking pictures and having those memories.
~ The sheets on my bed.  They were on our wedding registry and thankfully someone purchased them and I love them to pieces!
~ A photo album a cousin gave me for my Sweet 16.  So pretty.
~ A candle a different cousin gave me as a wedding/shower gift.  It has our invitation on it.  I love it.
~ The "Just Married" Mickey and Minnie ornament my sister-in-law gave Brad and I.  
~ All my Pampered Chef stuff that people gave me at one point in time or another... I love using every last bit of it.

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