Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've been calling this week hell week...

This week was a very busy one for me.


Monday - Beaufort
Tuesday - Meeting
Wednesday - Beaufort
Thursday - Office
Friday - Beaufort

Tuesday and Thursday were less than fun at the office because I had tons to catch up on since they were the only two days I'd be in the office this week.  And not to mention anticipation of the conference I am leaving for on Sunday.  I am not going to be in the office, or in town for that matter, Saturday/Sunday, Monday - Wednesday.  So I really had to make sure I had my ducks in a row.


No huge assignments due this week, but again, since I can't count my weekend as part of my school week since I'll be out of town, it was a challenge getting everything done.  Plus, I go to trivia with my parents Friday and after a full day of work, then trivia, I have no time to spare on Friday.  So I was really only working with four evenings this week for school.

Home life:

What's that? Seriously.  Between work and school this week, and shopping for last minute travel stuff, I haven't had a home life.  Brad and I only carpooled twice this week due to my Beaufort trips, so I'm surprised we even recognize each other at home.  Trivia will be nice because that will be the only leisure time we get to spend before my trip.  Saturday morning will be spent making sure I've got everything and then heading to the airport.  Fun!

Anyway... I made it through hell week.  They say if you're going through hell, keep on going... that's what I did.  I just kept on going because I wanted it to be over with.  I want to go and enjoy this work conference as much as I can.  I want to feel enlightened and relaxed and energized.  Because hell week part II will resume when I return.  Going back to the office after being out of the office for 4 days is never fun.  Imagine the mail... eh!

But in between hell week and hell week part II I have Texas.  I have my good friend Shelley and her baby girl Mattie.  I can't wait to see them.  A visit with them will be just what I need to erase the hell weeks.  I'm so excited.

And now I must go to bed and prepare for another day.  The next time I post will most likely be a mobile post from Fort Worth! Did I mention I was excited?

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