Friday, September 2, 2011


Well I am just a posting fool today, sorry.  I was just checking out some organizing projects that Jen did at IHeart Organizing and I came across one I am dying to try, the closet office.

I've mentioned before that we live in a pretty small house.  It's a good size for Brad and I, but we have a lot stuff and want that stuff to have individual spaces.  

Back in May I created a scrap space in one of our spare bedrooms.  I like having this space, but is it really necessary for me to have another desk in the house? And another work space? I already have a roll top desk (bought off Craigslist for real cheap) holding my computer and other office stuff.  

Can I merge the spaces? 

In a closet?

That's what I'm wondering...

I love what Jen did with her closet office space.  Love it! And we have a relatively barren closet in one of the spare bedrooms.  I feel like this is doable, it's just a matter of looking at ALL the stuff that I have in the two spaces, figuring out what I need and what I do not need, and also determining if some of the things in those spaces really don't belong in those spaces to begin with.  Plus I need to take into consideration the desire I have to buy a Cricut, and where will that fit? Another thing to think about over my three day weekend!!

I've also had a little personal decorating and organizing revelation today.  I need to do more with my vertical spaces.  I have a couple of pictures (here and here) on the blog of different spaces in the house and there is just nothing on the wall.  Nothing at all in some spaces.  Boring! 

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