Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm a twit-wit

As I wrote out that heading, I wondered if that is actually a term used to describe people addicted to Twitter.  Maybe I should copyright it? Maybe I shouldn't get so ahead of myself...

I had a great weekend.  It was nice to have a three day weekend with the perfect combination of laziness and productivity, if that's even possible.

We had the football game Saturday and I met up with a great friend of mine, A, and her little boy J, on Monday.  Sunday we did a lot of nothing, but I did begin work on my new organization project and I'm very excited about the progress.

I also did some of my school work, a bit ahead of schedule.  I have a TON to do for my Spanish class and as much as I wanted my weekend to myself, I was feeling a bit anxious and overwhelmed and I knew it would make me feel better if I just looked at some of it.  So I did.

And of course, there was Twitter.  The last thing I need is another web site to keep up with, especially with school having just begun again.  But I can't help it.  Some people are just hilarious, like Blake Shelton.  He was cracking me up, I couldn't put my phone down because I wanted to see what was next.  So I'm a self-proclaimed twit-wit (as in nitwit, not intelligent wit - not that I'm calling myself stupid, ah, you know what I mean...)

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