Saturday, September 24, 2011

Forth Worth Day 2

I should be doing my homework, but after squeezing all the Spanish out of me, I must break before I do my psych work.  

Day 2 in Fort Worth, Texas - Sunday, September 18

I ordered a room service breakfast and requested that it be delivered around 9:30 because I fully intended on sleeping in.  I was up at 7:00 and there was no getting me back down.  I called the in-room dining service and begged that they bring me my breakfast earlier.  Turns out I didn't need to beg, the staff at this hotel were awesome and graciously brought me my chow.

I chilled in my room on my snazzy armchair and read The Help all morning.  I drank lots of tea and ice water.  My co-worker arrived around noon and needed some time to unwind after her trip.  She came from Austin after visiting her son, so she was a little tired from the drive.  

It was another gray day out, but again, it didn't rain.  I used the zoom on my camera and realized that one of the buildings outside my window was a huge post office.

 I ordered, from room service <3, a Texas Cobb Salad.  This consisted of basic salad essentials, blue cheese, jicama, bacon, and I asked for grilled shrimp and a honey mustard dressing.  It was so good.

Mary and I met up around 1:30 and we decided to wander around the city before going to the Cathedral for Mass.  We checked out some shops and found a very entertaining sign on a beverage cooler in Retro Cowboy.  Made us laugh out loud.

Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Fort Worth was beautiful.  It was in English and some Spanish at times, which was interesting to me because I am studying Spanish.  The Cathedral itself was very nice and I wish I had taken pictures while I was there, but I'm sure there are some at the website I linked to.

We trekked back to the hotel for dinner and the opening session of the conference.  Somewhere in between we registered for the conference, picked up our packets, name tags, etc.  Dinner was excellent! We had salmon and steak with scalloped potatoes and asparagus.  Wine was served.  We met some nice people at this dinner that we saw a lot more throughout the event.  Desert was a decedent chocolate cake, I think it's the hotel's Dr. Pepper chocolate cake, delicious.  And it was on the table before anything else so we just stared at it the whole time and smelled it, it smelled so good.  Oh and we had an iceberg and blue cheese salad before our main dish.  And aside from the food and drinks, the speakers, Mark Shriver and Rev. Larry Snyder, at this opening ceremony were great and very inspirational.

After dinner, it was still early so we headed over to Whiskey and Rye, the hotel bar.  We had a couple of glasses of wine, shmoozed with more people, and had an all around good time.  Then we called it a night.

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