Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fort Worth, Day 3

Monday, September 19

Monday started with a breakfast buffet.  It was delicious.  I planted myself at a table with some Pennsylvania folks and one from Detroit, then another from Chicago.  We had some nice chatter and the conference proceeded with an interactive discussion of some national leaders.  We participated in an "idea marketplace" and had some good conversations.

Lunch was a real fancy barbeque chicken breast, very good.  Then the conference pressed on before our first breakout sessions.  I was on a development track with this conference, so I stuck with sessions that were geared towards growth and expansion.  They were excellent.

We had another speaker close out the Poverty Summit portion of the conference... Melody Barnes, the President's Domestic Policy Advisor.  She was very motivational and spoke of many things the White House is doing for poverty.  There was also some musical entertainment.  

After that, my co-worker and I attended a dinner at Taverna by Lombardi hosted by Russ Reid, a fundraising firm.  It was a wine pairing dinner and it was awesome.  There was a delicious soup, white corn with lump crabmeat and vanilla infused olive oil.  That was served with a California Sauvignon Blanc.  Next we had fresh figs served with prosciutto, served with an Italian white wine.  The main dish was monkfish with butternut squash, served with a California Pinot Noir, delicious! And finally there was an opera cake, served with an Italian Moscato.  It left me drooling, all of it.  The chef came around with each course and we praised him.  At the dinner, we didn't have to listen to any spiel, we were just left to socialize with our peers.  We met some people from Nashville, Atlanta, New Jersey, Charlotte, and Monterey.  We had a great time! 

Russ Reid, we love you!

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