Monday, September 12, 2011

Football, potpourri

As I've become more and more busy, since school started I guess, I notice that many of my posts have turned into potpourri-like posts.  Basically all-inclusive.  And that's fine because it's my blog darn it.

Saturday Brad and I went to his brother's house in Mount Pleasant to watch the Gamecocks kick Georgia's rump! It was a pretty darn good game, if I do say so myself.  I'm trying to get more and more into the support since it is a major interest of Brad's and liking what he likes is important to me.

So we trekked.  And I got my baby beers.  And I drank all 6 of my baby beers.  And they were good.  It makes the football easier.  Brad was drinking a big boy beer.

Daisy was even decked out in her gear. 

She was pretty zonked.

I watched a few movies on Sunday, only one eliminating a letter from my 101.   Something Borrowed, Prom, and No Strings Attached.  No Strings Attached got me my "N".  Score.

So Something Borrowed was OK.  I liked the romance and whatnot but the whole cheating thing kind of bugged me.  Like how is a rom-com a rom-com if there is cheating? Come on now.  Yes, I get it - they are meant for each other and the fiance is a biotch, but still.  

Prom was cute.  It was by Disney.  It was actually kind of nice to watch a movie about teenagers that didn't involve sex and/or drugs.  

I like No Strings Attached a lot.  It was predictable, of course, what rom-com isn't predictable? But I still liked it.  A little bit different than the norm.  I'm sure it's going to be similar to Friends With Benefits, but we'll see.

For the record: I'm itching to see Scream 4 and I have no freakin' idea when it will be out on video or On Demand or whatever.  I want to see it yesterday!

Work is going well.  I'm enjoying the sporadic days at the food pantry in Beaufort rather than being cooped up in the office.  But I loathe the thought of what is waiting for me at the office.  I am seeing piles of mail, and just tons of stuff with my name all over it that is going to have to make my to-do list for one of the two days, if not both, that I am in the office this week.

Ok, well it's getting later by the minute and I need to go to bed.  Just felt the need to share some things before I did that.  I can't believe it's only Monday, I think it should be Thursday, or Wednesday at the very earliest.

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