Thursday, September 8, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun

Since I'm truckin' it to Beaufort in the AM, I'm doing this early!


1. I always refuse to admit when I'm wrong.

2. I won't eat chicken livers.  Ick.

3. I would like to hang out with the cast of Criminal Minds for a day.  I follow them on Twitter and they're pretty hilarious.

4. I would like to learn how to knit or crochet.  I have friends that do it and I love their little creations.  I think it would be awesome to make something like that.

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  1. I would love to hang out with them too. I'd be all about trying to get the actor who play Hotch to smile. Can he even smile, I'm not sure.
    Wish I had paid better attention when my grandma tried to teach me to knit too.

  2. I love criminal minds...I watch the reruns everynight on TV. I didn't know you can follow them on twitter. I have to do that... If you want, I can teach you how to crochet!

  3. Criminal minds.... LOL Crocheting is so cool and the blankets are pretty warm... We should create an online chat and teach you!

  4. More Criminal Minds fans! Wow! I am, too!!

  5. Well Criminal Minds fans, I saw Hotch smile! lol! The cast posted this ridiculous video on Twitter and if I remember correctly, he smiled a little bit. He's hilarious though, way different than I expected. And he's actually from the Charleston area which is kind of neat since that's where I live. No idea if he comes back around here though.

    I would love to be taught how to knit or crochet! As soon as things calm down a bit for me I might take you all up on the offer! Thanks!!!!!!

  6. Ohh I love criminal minds. Great blog!


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