Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Monday, Why?

I often experience a Monday where I should have stayed in bed.  To say that today is a total understatement.

Friday I was out of the office at our location down in Beaufort and I brought back some work to do in the office on Monday.  It was in my work bag, hanging on the door knob by the front door.  I had it all planned in my head... I'd get to work, catch up on Friday's stuff, then dig in to the stuff I brought back from the Lowcountry.  This would all keep me busy until 2:00 PM, when I was scheduled to leave to meet the Time Warner Cable people at my house for my installation.  The perfect plan.  It always helps to meet Monday mornings with a plan.

Last night I started to feel it.  The sore throat that I was sure would be trouble because it was trouble the last time (see here and here).  And of course, today it was just full on trouble.  It's hard to swallow, I'm stuffy and sneezy, I have headaches and I feel like I should have a fever, but I don't.  And my body is sore, like I just rolled down a really long hill that had bumps.

I dutifully went to work this morning, I had a plan and that plan would get me through a few hours at the office.  On the way to work the car was stifling.  I took the vehicle with no AC.  Brad offered to take that one, but I said no.  I was going to leave work at 2 and would not get stuck in the same rush hour traffic he would, so it only made sense that I drove the no AC car since I'd have a quicker commute.  I'm glad I let him take the good AC car but there is really no better way to start your Monday than the hot way.  

More than halfway to work I realize I left the bag.  My work bag.  THE bag that had more than half of my "plan" in it.  Ohmygosh it wasn't even worth it at that point to turn around and go get it, I was like 5-10 minutes away.  I could find something else to do at work today.  Something.  Right.

I get to work and start outlining my catch-up-from-Friday stuff.  When I go to make my morning to do list, I realize that my date book, my daily work journal, my organizational bible, is in the bag.  The work bag.  THE bag that was hanging on the door knob at home.  The bag I walked right passed.  Please save me.

So I pulled out a random notepad and made my list.  Easy enough I guess.  I had my usual morning phone call with my boss, at which point I expressed that I was sick and she told me to go home.  Well, I honestly can't argue with that logic, so I did all but two of the items on my to do list and wrapped things up.

Insert another "ugh" here.  As I was packing up I realized that I didn't buy a wireless router for the guys to hook up at my house this afternoon.  Of course not.  Why would I do that? Let's just not have internet at home (dramatic, I know).  It's not like I could just plug the modem into the computer, heck no! Need wireless! Well, the one thing that did go my way this morning is that my IT department at work had a wireless router that I could borrow for the installation.  Thank you! And as I am typing here from my new wireless internet connection, I can assure you that it works.

So I take the HOT ride home in the no AC car.  I get home and I wait.  I lay on the couch, flip through the television channels, and I wait.  The guys show up shortly after 3 I guess, I don't even know.  Daisy barked.  They did their thing.  The usual installation deal.  Of course I start to feel my absolute worst at this point and I can't just lay down and sleep because they are there.  So I wait... and wait... and I feel better by the time they leave.  Isn't that always the way?

So my day is pretty much over at this point, which is good.  I'm still a little cranky, still don't feel well at all.  Hoping I feel better tomorrow but not sure how that's going to work out since the last time I had this, whatever it is, it lasted for days.  I like my new services but I don't like my new channel guide and channel listing.  I wish all providers could get together and use the same numbered channels.  Now I have to learn a new system and after four years I didn't even know the last one.  The best I could do was tell you that 118 was A&E and the HBOs started at 300, thanks to True Blood and Criminal Minds reruns.  

I'm sorry for whining, I really am, but I needed to complain for a minute. 

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