Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sorry for the posting bomb!

I have been trying to condense some of my posts, which is hard because I have this anal retentive need to be organized and that goes for my writing too.  I don't like to write about a book and a movie in one post because they are two totally different things, however, it seems kind of senseless to write two one paragraph posts when I can do just one.  So I'm working on that and bear with me.  BUT, I am going to continue to post my blog-hops separately.  Some people come just for the hops and I want them to be able to get right to that post and not have to sift through my nonsense.  And not only that, but I feel the people who host the hops deserve that nod, especially for entertaining me, even if it's only a few minutes.

So what's new? Yesterday I had off from work for the Feast of the Assumption.  Thank you Blessed Mother! I watched a couple of movies so I could cross some more letters off my 101 in 1001.  First I watched The Box with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden.  I can say two things about this movie.  First, it was weird and I was very lost more than once.  Weird.  Second, I think Cameron Diaz looks good with a 70s feathery hair style.  Maybe even just a wavy hair style, I usually only see her with pin straight hair so it was nice to see her with a different style.  Next I watched the movie Flipped, which I had never ever heard of before.  Both of these were on HBO on Demand.  It had a good adult cast, I didn't know who any of the kids were.  It took place in the 60s and kind of reminded me of a That Night or Now and Then type of flick.  It was a cute movie, a light love story.  So that crosses "B" and "F" off my list.  I started to watch another one, The Killer Inside Me, but it seemed a little too disturbing in the beginning so I ditched it.  The Box was kind of dark, and that was about all the darkness I wanted for one day.  I defaulted to Twilight movies for the rest of the afternoon, can't go wrong there.

I'm still working on the book Cross Country by James Patterson.  Not one of the most entertaining so it's taking some time.  I'm sure I'm going to hit a good part soon, but yesterday it was this book for Twilight and I chose Twilight...

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