Friday, August 26, 2011

Picture Bomb!

Like I said before, I'll say once more... I'm off for no real good reason today, which means I'm pretty bored.  After I'm done messing around here, I am going to get Brad's Xbox rigged so I can watch Netflix for the rest of the day.  Great plan, right? Here are some random pictures I've taken that I feel like sharing...

 Took this one back in June.  I love the little sliver of cloud to the left.
 That is a huge mutant spider that died soon after this picture was taken.  The black spot to the right on the ground is a normal size beetle, that might put the mutant size of the spider in perspective for you.  Biggest spider I've ever seen in my life in person.  Ew.
 Cherry crumb pie I made the other night.
 Peach crumb pie I made the other night.
 My Daisy doodle.
 Buster brown.
 Loco monster.
Panta manta, a.k.a. Phantom.
And another Daisy doodle for good measure.

And as I was waiting for these pics to upload, I activated Netflix on the Xbox so I have to go now. :)

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