Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mission: Accomplished

I mentioned the other day, I really wanted to reorganize parts of my kitchen.  So I did.  I really wish I took some before pictures, but I'll talk you through it... something I do rather well.

The following images are a product of me acting on a whim at 9:00 PM.  I did not have the opportunity to run to the store and purchase any organization tools, like a utensil holder or any drawer trays, so it is still a work in progress, but not too bad for some spur of the moment action.

 Previously on this counter was a coffee maker we used maybe once a month and a Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About that was packed with utensils.  I hated the appearance of the Tool Turn-About, but I loved having things at my finger tips.  I also decided that I didn't need every utensil I owned in said turn-about.  You will see in two other pictures the rest of my utensils that were crammed in this thing.  Very unsightly.  Anyway, like I said in my prologue, I don't have the equipment for my new set up yet, so the wooden spoons are in a square vase, and the nylon utensils are in a glass pitcher.  Personally I think they look kind of cute in those, but I will likely change it.  And I will be purchasing a new steak knife set, when I do the knife block on the left will be discarded and only the other knife block will remain in that space.
 This is my work from the other day, the cabinet changes that I made.  On top is my grandma's china and on the bottom are our glasses and mugs.
 Also part of my cabinet remodel.  This is the cooking cabinet.  There are spices in the basket on the bottom, random oils, vinegars, and other stove top ingredients.  My baking stuff used to be on the bottom shelf of this cabinet and these contents used to be in the cabinet that now holds the china and glasses.
 This is my baking/breakfast cabinet! the bottom shelf has my go-to baking ingredients.  The middle shelf has breakfast stuff.  The top shelf  has random things like powdered sugar, brown sugar, and coconut flakes.  There is also some coffee on the top shelf.
 This is the view of my counter.  All the way at the end by my mixer is where my baking cabinet is.  Also beside my mixer is my rubber spatulas that I use for baking.  Then I have a bowl of onions, a cook book stand, recipe card box, and tea pot.  Previously in that space was a blender we rarely used, toaster we rarely used, the two knife blocks, the onions in a bag, bananas, dog treats, and the tea pot.  On the other side of the sink is now the dog treats and a bowl of bananas.
 My silverware drawer.  It used to have measuring cups in there, my rolling pin, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.  Now it has the silverware, serving utensils, and knives and knife accessories (sharpeners).  Also can and bottle openers, chop sticks, etc.
 This drawer needs a tray bad! Such a mish-mosh of stuff.  Most of this was in that tool turn-about.  Can you believe it? Can we say crowded? I actually did go through and discard some stuff.  Believe it or not, I do use this stuff.  It will look better once I get my tray.
 My baking drawer! This is where all the knives and some of the sharp utensils (peelers, corers, etc) were.  It was our dangerous drawer! Ha.  Anyway, now it has all the measuring cups, rolling pin, pastry blender, icing spreaders, etc.  Looking good! I'd still like to get a tray for this drawer, but it doesn't look too shabby at the moment.
And finally... this is my neat little addition to the kitchen that has nothing to do with organizing at all.  Brad and I found this little hot spot on the way home from Beaufort one day, they sell excellent cider.  One day I went to Beaufort without Brad and stopped by the place on my way back and picked up a different flavor, muscadine (grape).  It was yummy and I just loved the jug style of the bottle.  When we finished the cider I knew I needed to find a cool use for it, and why not use it as a change jar? Which was actually perfect because I ended up using the square vase that I was using for change to hold some utensils during my reorganization! Wonderful how that worked out!

As I make more changes I'll definitely update.  What a productive little evening I had!

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