Friday, August 26, 2011

Me, Myself & Irene

I didn't want to talk about the storm, but something happened.  I was sitting in front of the TV watching my Netflix-a-thon when I swear I heard a growl and then the power went out.  Great.  A growl? Am I in the jungle? No.  I'm in my house.  My house.  Almost immediately following that, the wind blew over our metal fire pit in the backyard and the sound scared the bejesus out of me.

I'm off work today.  Because my office is in Charleston and because the Charleston government offices are closed today because of the storm, my office closed as well.  I wasn't anticipating getting much weather here in The 'Ville since we're about 30 miles from the coast, give or take.  I figured on some wind and rain, which is pretty accurate.  I really didn't anticipate Charleston getting much of anything either, but apparently there are some downed power lines across the area.

Anyway, I decided I'd use today to catch up on some videos for my 101, and I've been enjoying doing that.  I watched Dr. Doolittle (yes, I hadn't seen that before today), Elizabethtown, and I was just getting into Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  A good, productive day.  Then something growled and the power went out and there went my movie watching.

We have Netflix through Brad's Xbox.  If anyone reading this is a man with an Xbox, or is a woman who knows a man with an Xbox, when it's on and the power goes out, even for a minute, and the lights turn red, that's bad and you need to leave it alone so it doesn't do it again.  My best piece of advice to anyone who is unaware of this.  We all know what kind of crises may ensue if that thing breaks.  

So now I'm just hanging around the house, listening to and looking at the rain.  Here are some pics.  The first is a map to show where I am in relation to the storm, right on the edge.  If I moved over a mile, I'd be dry.

Update: Ended up getting the Xbox up and running again and watched According to Greta and Cinema Verite.


  1. Ooh wow - did the storm eventually hit you then? I have been watching it on TV and it looks pretty fierce.

    Love the blog, I am now following you!

  2. Thanks Annie!! We were grazed by the storm, but that's it. I think just about everyone north of us on the coast will be getting the brunt of it.


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