Saturday, August 6, 2011

List Challenge: Good Things That Happened This Week

Number 7 on the List Challenge is "good things that happened this week".  When I was looking for something to blog about the other day, I checked out the List for the next item, and quickly decided that this was not the week to be picking good things.  So I either didn't post, or I wrote about something else, I can't remember.

Needless to say I've had a rotten week.  I haven't felt well all week and it began Sunday night.  The AC went out in our house and because I wasn't feeling well, Brad and I weren't carpooling, so every so often I had to take the car with no AC and that made me grouchy too.  There were also some nuisances at work so I felt like enough was enough already.  This week needed to end.  There was NOTHING good in it.

But as I was sitting here, looking for something to blog about again, I checked the the List Challenge.  Sure, my week was pretty crummy.  Yeah, I wish I could have fast forwarded through the whole thing.  Yes, I wished I had stayed in bed all week.  But honestly, what better week to really probe and try to pull out the positive? I always strive to think positively as often as I can.  Being mad and feeling sorry for yourself (some things I specialize in) are such a drain.  Thinking happy thoughts is so refreshing! So here goes nothing...

~ The AC got fixed
~ It rained
~ We had a blast at trivia
~ I only had to cook one day this week
~ I got to eat Olive Garden!
~ I got to spend quality time with my animals
~ I saved money
~ I laughed with friends
~ I got a mileage reimbursement check
~ I talked to one of my sisters on the phone
~ The one meal I cooked was from scratch and good
~ I got free lunch today
~ I got free dinner tonight and on Sunday
~ I surprised Brad with lunch

More information about the List Challenge here.

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