Wednesday, August 10, 2011

List Challenge: best things that happened in the past year

Well, here goes nothing... the best things that happened in the past year.  So we're talking August 2010 - July 2011, basically.  Let me preface this by saying this has probably been the most uneventful year of my life.  Of. My. Life.  I may have to come back and repeat this one at the close of 2011 because the end of this year has a lot more excitement in store for me.

September 2010 - Met my dear friends Jaz & Belinda in Myrtle Beach.
October 2010 - Free car, thank you Mom and Dad
October 2010 - Met my dear friend Melissa and her husband Zach.  
October 2010 - Started this blog!
December 2010 - Completed two more classes. 
December 2010 - New camera for birthday/Christmas gift.
January 2011 - Brad got a new job.
February 2011 - Met Melissa & Zach's son Preston.
March 2011 - New boss at work.
May 2011 - Completed two more classes. 
July 2011 - Saw Transformers 3.
July 2011 - Fell in love with Nutella.

Like I said, this has been the most uneventful year for me! I've got a lot in store for September, November, and December, so stay tuned!

List Challenge

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