Wednesday, August 31, 2011

List Challenge: 13. Reasons why you love your significant other

Oh how I love him, let me count the ways...

I'm not sure I could list every single thing I love about him.  That would be hard because there is so much.  First off, I love how he makes me laugh.  He can turn any situation into a comedic one and that can be such a great thing.  I love that I can't stay mad at him, like when he tries to make a situation comedic that shouldn't be comedic.  He's devoted, dedicated, determined.  He'd do absolutely anything for me at the drop of a dime.  A lot of times we have the same thoughts, exactly the same, we'll say the same things as a result.  He has beautiful blue eyes.  He has soft hair.  He's a great fur-dad to our fur-babies.  He has such a big heart and he isn't afraid to be emotional.  He has very expressive eyebrows and very soft, plump lips.  He's a goof ball.  He's a hard worker.  He does so much for himself and for me.  He's just a great guy and I'm so lucky!

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