Friday, August 19, 2011

James Patterson Book Check List

Highlighted are the books I have read by James Patterson.  This is to help me remember which ones I still need to read!

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club Series)  
2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club Series) 
3rd Degree (Women's Murder Club Series) 
4th of July (Women's Murder Club Series)  
The 5th Horseman (Women's Murder Club Series) 
The 6th Target (Women's Murder Club Series) 
7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club Series) 
The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club Series) 
The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club Series)
10th Anniversary (Women's Murder Club Series) 
Against Medical Advice 
Alex Cross's Trial 
Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross Series) 
Angel (Maximum Ride Series) 
The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride Series)
Beach House 
Beach Road
The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross Series) 
Black Friday  
Cat & Mouse (Alex Cross Series) 
Christmas Wedding 
Cradle & All  
Cross (Alex Cross Series)  
Cross Country (Alex Cross Series) IN PROGRESS
Cross Fire (Alex Cross Series) 
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (Daniel X Series)  
Demons and Druids (Daniel X Series) 
Don't Blink 
Double Cross (Alex Cross Series) 
Fang (Maximum Ride Series) 
The Final Warning (Maximum Ride Series)  
Four Blind Mice (Alex Cross Series) 
Game Over (Daniel X Series) 
The Gift (Witch & Wizard Series)
Hide & Seek 
I, Alex Cross (Alex Cross Series)  
Jack & Jill (Alex Cross Series)  
The Jester  
Judge & Jury  
Kill Me If You Can
Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross Series)
The Lake House 
London Bridges (Alex Cross Series)  
Mary, Mary (Alex Cross Series)  
Max (Maximum Ride Series) 
Med Head  
Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life  
The Midnight Club  
Miracle on the 17th Green  
The Murder of King Tut  
Now You See Her 
Pop Goes the Weasel (Alex Cross Series)  
The Postcard Killers 
The Quickie  
Roses Are Red (Alex Cross Series)  
Run For Your Life (Michael Bennett Series)  
Sam's Letters to Jennifer  
Saving the World & Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride Series) 
School's Out-Forever (Maximum Ride Series)  
Season of the Machete
See How They Run 
Step on a Crack (Michael Bennett Series)  
Sundays at Tiffany's  
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas 
The Thomas Berryman Number 
Tick Tock (Michael Bennett Series)  
Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross Series)  
Watch the Skies (Daniel X Series) 
When the Wind Blows 
Witch & Wizard (Witch & Wizard Series) 
Worst Case (Michael Bennett Series) 
You've Been Warned 

I haven't begun the Daniel X series, Witch & Wizard series, or the Maximum Ride series.  They are a little more sci-fi/fantasy and I'm more into the crime dramas.  Since I thoroughly enjoy about 99% of James Patterson's books, I will probably find myself reading them some day, but they're not on my must read list.

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