Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am an ant bully.

I hate fire ants.  There, I said it.  I cannot stand them, hate to see them anywhere, especially not at or near my house.

I never really cared about them or gave them a second thought until my puppy dog, when she was at the age when it was appropriate to call her a puppy, stepped on an ant hill.  As her fur-mom I do blame myself because I should have been looking out for it.  But in my defense, I wasn't even familiar with fire ants or their hills! I'm a yankee and we just didn't have them on Long Island.  Needless to say the poor pup started shaking her leg like crazy and my friend who I was walking with realized what had happened and we got her squared away.  She wasn't allergic, thank goodness, but they bit her.  Grr.

Ever since then I've made it a point to physically destroy any ant hill in my path.  When they are in the yard I beat the heck out of them with whatever I can find.  We even had one beside the driveway that I purposely ran over with my car.  I hit them with the weed-wacker, rake, shovel, broom, whatever I can get my hands on.  I spray them with water.  When I have fire ant killer to pour over the mounds, of course I use that instead.

So yesterday I discovered a GIGANTIC mound in my backyard and fortunately Brad had picked up some fire ant stuff over the weekend, so I beat the heck out of the mound until Brad had to come outside and remind me we had ant killer.  Then I used that, then I wet it because that's what I was supposed to do.  And they're gone and I'm so happy I could dance.

I know I sound like a horribly violent person with no respect for life but I am not.  I love living things, I really do, but if you're an ant or a spider and you're on my turf, you must go.  Ants get the brunt of it though because if I see a spider I scream and run, but I can take an ant, or hundreds of ants.  And I'm telling you there must have been thousands in this hill yesterday.  All gone.  :)

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