Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Saturday

Brad and I had a good, productive day today.  We were up early, he did the oil change, mowed the back grass (he did the front the other day), washed the car, laundry, grocery store, then we had his parents over for dinner.  Brad fried shrimp and did an awesome job.  I'm still so stuffed hours later.   I made some ice cream and it's in the freezer hardening.  Yum!

We also watched the movie Unstoppable with his parents.  It was pretty good, I actually missed the beginning because I was eating desert and chatting with his mom, but it was on one of our movie stations so I'm sure I'll see it again.

Brad and I watched The Switch tonight.  He fell asleep.  It was kind of like The Back-up Plan.  It was a romantic comedy, cute, funny.  Had it's drama.  One of those movies that you can guess the ending in the first five minutes.  But still worth the watch.  Knocked the "S" off my list.

So tomorrow my parents are coming over for lunch.  We're having hot dogs with all the good stuff.  Hopefully my dad will bring his pressure washer over because we badly need to clean our back patio.  We meant to take it Friday after trivia but I completely forgot.

Anyway, my eyes are in burn mode today for some reason so I'm going to quit staring at the computer screen.  Adios!

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