Thursday, August 4, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun!

Hellooooo! I am the proud co-host to Feeling Beachie's Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun this week! Each week Hilary lists four statements with blanks for us to fill in on our own blogs. Please spread the word about this blog-hop, it's a lot of fun, and you get to "meet" some pretty neat people!!

This week's statements:

1. I find it very difficult to ____
2. No matter how hard I try, I really can’t stand to ___
3. My significant other is _____
4. I wish ____ would stop.

My Answers:

1. I find it very difficult to concentrate when I don't feel well.

2. No matter how hard I try, I really can’t stand to deal with ignorant people.

3. My significant other is amazing!

4. I wish reality TV would stop. I like game shows, I like cooking shows, I like home improvement-type shows, but the rest I can do without! Real World? BLAH! The Bachelor? BLAH! Sorry, I know that's probably sacrilegious to some, but ahhh!

To join the Fun:

Please add the Follow Friday button to your post, or your blog.

Please follow me. Please follow the host, Hilary, at Feeling Beachie as well. Leave a comment! I will follow back!

Please link your Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun post to the linky below. Feel free to grab the linky and post on your blog…

Please link up… I can’t wait to meet you! And since this is for fun, if you just want to link up, that is OK too!


  1. I am still laughing at all of your answers....YEAH and what is it with this bachelor and bachelorette stuff...are people really still watching?

  2. Haha. The other day my husband and I got stuck talking about The Bachelor or The Bachelorette somehow and the thing we both agreed that we do not understand is why they keep doing it? The people on the shows... there has been what, ONE successful relationship out of seasons upon seasons of the shows? I know it's addicting and entertaining for some people and I mean them no harm, just keep it off my TV! Thanks... :)

  3. Thank you for co-hosting this. I hear you on the reality tv show thing. That stuff can't die soon enough and what a day to celebrate when it's finally off the

    I'm following now. Visit when you have time.

  4. I agree with all your answers! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by. Another thing with the TV is MTV - when did "Music Television" turn into reality shows all day?? Ahh! I'm following back!

    Yvonne - Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

  6. I am so with you with reality TV. I have no desire to watch it. I've worked with one of the shows main "charachters" and had to fake my knowledge of the show...

  7. That must have been painful! :)


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