Monday, August 29, 2011

Driving my husband crazy...

Some new blogs I've been following are blogs about organizing.  

And I'm adding more ALL the time.  These women have some FANTASTIC ideas and I want to steal implement all of them.  

I live in a small house, like 1200 square feet small.  Brad and I really don't need any more living space than that, but our stuff does.  So it's important to me to organize, especially when it comes to space saving.  

I also like to keep things in convenient places.  For example, yesterday I decided it was necessary to move my baking stuff from the cabinet above the stove and the cabinet beside the stove, to the cabinet next to the refrigerator.  My husband doesn't understand this (hence the title of this post).  He got up from the couch and stood in the kitchen watching what I was doing, not at all understanding why I was moving plates and glasses and food.  He is not a fan of change.  At all.  Let me explain...

We have two full size single door upper cabinets, then one two door cabinet that is only a little larger in width than the single full size ones, and one small space above the stove cabinet.  The pictures below are from when we first moved in and had not yet filled the house with our stuff.  

So, when we first moved into the house, we thought it was smart to keep all the food cabinets together.  So we used the cabinets by the stove because there were more of them.  We only had one set of China from my grandmother, and some glasses and mugs so the cabinets by the fridge (or fridge gap in the pictures) was perfect for those.  

We've been in the house for over three years now and in those three years I've realized that I have the tendency to prepare certain things in certain areas of the kitchen.  So why not move things to make it more convenient for me? For example, my Kitchenaid mixer is on the counter next to the fridge, so that's where I do all my baking prep.  So part of my little remodel yesterday was moving my baking stuff to that area of the kitchen so I don't have to be all over the place.  I can just be in my one little space.  This will make it much easier when Brad and I are both in the kitchen preparing something at the same time.  

Anyway, back to organizing... I want some clear, square food storage containers, and I want some clear plastic drawer organizers so I can get a grip on my utensils! I will need to take a before and after picture of that project because it's a mad house in those drawers.  Also, because we are in a small house, it is important to me that we utilize all available space to our advantage.  I feel like we're losing space because we're not using every bit of it up.  Not just in the kitchen, in all the rooms.

As I do stuff like this around the house, it drives Brad crazy because he has no idea what I am up to and what it might end up meaning to him.  Another trip to Goodwill? Am I going to be able to find my stuff? Home Depot again? Why does she need a hammer?

I've also grown a little tired of my kitchen table set.  The picture below is real old and dark, but it was within reach so here it is.  It also captures the table and chairs, as well as the buffet cabinet to the right.

The table, chairs, and buffet are wood with a dark finish, like espresso or chocolate.  The table also expands with a butterfly leaf in the center.  I love my table and my buffet, and I guess the chairs too.  There is nothing wrong with them, everything works fine.  I am just bored with it all.  I want something new, different.  So I'm thinking about finding a way to make them new to me.  I am thinking about spray painting them white, or some light shade like ecru or ivory.  This picture is basically capturing the opposite side of my kitchen from the other two photos of my cabinets.  You can see that our kitchen has very light colors and has a very country feel to it.  I feel like the dining set is kind of out of place and might fit better in the room if it was lighter. 

Side note: My parents gave me some wicker patio furniture a while back that was chipping to pieces... I bought a couple cans of spray paint and they looked brand new!

Again, this is something the husband goes crazy about.  Why must I create all these projects? Because I don't have a whole lot of disposable income to buy myself new furniture when I have a whim, that's why.  I am a Do-It-Yourself-er.  I don't want to pay to do what I can do myself.  I'm crafty, I think I've got a good eye.  I can do this. 

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