Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorta productive weekend

I am really not sure why I woke up and stayed awake before 7:00 AM on Saturday morning, but I did.  I mean I know it started with Daisy and her crazy bodily functions, but usually that just wakes Brad up, not me.  Oh well.  I was up.  I read this e-book I found through this post at Real Life Deals.  I was also watching some cheesy Lifetime movie at the time.  There is nothing else on TV at that hour on a Saturday.  I wouldn't know that because I'm never up at that time.  

Anyway... the book inspired me to do something about my clutter.  When Brad woke up, we went through our dressers, closet, linen closet, kitchen, spare bedrooms, spare bedroom closets, etc.  We ended up with an SUV full of stuff to give to charity.  It is amazing how much stuff (clothes) we had that we weren't using.  Shoes, coats, games, shirts.  Insane.  So I feel a bit lighter now.

We had lunch at Wasabi, as per usual.  Yum.  Sitting at the sushi bar at lunch time is great because there aren't a lot of people in the place, at least not at the sushi bar, and the chef gives us his undivided attention.  Chit-chatting, offering us rolls that aren't on the menu, the occasional freebie.  We always have a great time when it's just the three of us.

Naturally, we were so full after that, we came home and passed out.  I mean out cold.  And when we woke up we were still full so we didn't even have dinner.  Not unusual when we do a sushi lunch.

Sunday we did a lot of nothing.  I've been trying to organize recipes but I feel like I'm making more of a mess than I am organizing so I'm getting a little overwhelmed.  I do a handful at a time (I have a lot) and then I do something else.  This is all leftover from my ambitious de-cluttering from Saturday.  I ended my night with True Blood and The Glades and now I'm ready to pass out! 

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Columbia.  Not really looking forward to the drive, but the time out of the office will be nice.  I do have to run in first thing in the morning, fun, because I left my recorder there! Ugh.  Thirty minutes in the opposite direction will make a nice 2+ hour drive.  Not fun at all. 

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