Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Wedding Box

I've got this box.  It's not actually a box box.  It's a wicker basket with a removable lid.  It's big.  About the size of a trunk or something you'd put at the foot of your bed.  Anyway, I call it "my wedding box". 

About a week ago, I went through the wedding box and cleaned it out.  All I can say is WOW! Brad and I were married just over three years ago and that's about when I bought said box from World Market.  Ok, here it is at the web site, it's sea grass not wicker.  Sorry.  The one I have is the larger one in the picture.

Back to my story.

So this box has been a catch-all for all my wedding stuff from the planning phase to the newlywed phase.  Here is an inventory of the contents:

My veil, all wrapped up tight in a Zip Loc bag, along with my blusher and crystal comb.

This mess you see here is the "hat" from my bridal shower.  Those are all the bows I popped off my gifts.

These gift bags contain a variety of things! One bag has the gifts I gave to the ladies that were part of my bridal party... my mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, best friends, friends, etc.  I somehow ended up with one extra, maybe for myself, I don't know, so I kept it in-tact in this box.  Two of them have items from my bridal luncheon that my sisters-in-law put together.  Another has items from our rehearsal dinner.  Those two red boxes to the right are the boxes that held our wedding rings.

In this other corner, there is the box that held our wedding flutes, I'll show a picture of those later.  There is a license plate frame that I never did put on the car, I think it says "newlyweds" on it.  And below the license plate frame are my shoes! The strappy sandals I wore at church and the fancy but comfy flip flops for the reception! Both are very dirty.

Here you will find some left over scrapbooking stickers that were a gift from my mother-in-law.  I used many of them for a collage frame I put together, but I have some left over to use for another project.  Also, there are picture frames that were gifts to us which we have yet to fill with pictures.  I am determined to look at our wedding pictures some day soon and find some to put in those frames so we can put them out.  Under the frames is my file sorter that held/holds all the contracts and finalized stuff with the vendors, menus, details, etc.  There is also an idea binder with ripped out pages from magazines in it with all sorts of things that I liked.  It would actually be interesting to go through that and see how many of those ideas I actually used! And on the way bottom is the tulle skirt thing that I wore under my dress.  Darn thing cost like $75, I'm not throwing that away any time soon! Oh! And between the frames and the scrapbooking stuff is our cake cutting set! That's near the top so we can use it to cut cake on our anniversaries.

We had bubbles (left) for our exit from the ceremony, and little matchbooks (right) that said "The Perfect Match" and our info on them.  Of course I had to keep what was left over.  Of course.

This is getting embarrassing... these are leftover invitations as well as the reply cards we received from guests saying that they were coming or not coming.  Those glasses on the left are our favors, shot glasses.  I think I have mentioned at some time before that I am a collector of shot glasses.  Also in this box I found leftover thank-you cards, which I moved to my desk so I would actually use them rather than store them.

We ordered a lot of drink stirrers with our names on them! Here they are.  We do try and use them when we can.  I also had a stack of napkins in here that we had personalized.  Needless to say I saved a couple of each size for memory's sake, and put the rest in the kitchen to be used!

The two boxes on the right are more of our favors, complete in their fancy little box and wrapped with twine.  The bells were our place card holders.  Aside from being able to lend them out to people who need them (and we actually have lent them out to at least one couple) I don't know why I still have them.  On the left is the boutonniere Brad wore, as well as the one I had for either my luncheon or shower or rehearsal, I don't remember.
In this little box inside the bog box are little trinkets.  My garters are in there, Brad's socks (are you really questioning what I have in this box at this point?), the six pence for my shoe, "bride to be" and "groom to be" pins and plastic shot glasses.  The "save the date" magnets (I threw out a BUNCH and just saved one or two for memory).  Um, the little bag on top is the favor from my shower.  There is a lollipop from my shower.  Probably other little things I can't think of.

My wedding planner.  I have an anal retentive attention to detail so you can only imagine how much fun this thing was for me.  I also had a second one that I remember seeing when I cleaned the box out but couldn't find where I put it to take a picture... it was a mini book that you can put the important details, like contact info for your vendors, appointments, etc. in and keep it in your purse to have on hand just in case.  I liked that too.

This is the card cage we had at the reception and people put their cards to us in.  Those are all the cards from our wedding and shower and before and after and in between.  There are also programs in there from our ceremony.  I threw out a bunch of extra programs and kept only a couple.  To the left, you can barely see it, but in those envelopes and stuff are the cards that Brad has given me for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  

And these last two things escaped the box! The left is our wedding flutes that were just so pretty and on the bottom of the vase our names are etched.  The candle on the right was a gift from my cousin Mary.  The words in the middle are our wedding invitation! Both too pretty to be hiding in a box! 

Ok, so it may appear that I'm a candidate for the next episode of Hoarders, but does it really count if all your stuff is contained to just one box? And I did throw out a TON of extra copies of stuff.  And when Brad and I picked through the box, we did look at the cards and re-read many of them, we looked through the books (oh there were some Christian marriage books in there as well that I took out and put on the bookshelf), and reminisced about our wonderful day.  So I do feel like we're (I'm) keeping them for a purpose.  Do you still have your wedding stuff??

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