Sunday, July 17, 2011

My three day weekend

So far, my weekend has been great! Friday we went to trivia at LOGC with my mom (my dad stayed home because he "doesn't like going") and we won first place!!! It was awesome! Brad got the final question right!!! Way to go Brad! KG, also on our team, got it right as well, but I'm still very proud of my baby.  

Yesterday we went back to LOGC and did the Road Rally with my parents.  We had a great time, but we did not win.  What is a road rally? Well at LOGC, the road rally is across 9 holes of the golf course.  At each hole you do something different.  Most of it is golf related, but there are a couple of "events" that include bocci balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, etc.  On this one hole, you had to drive the golf ball to a certain point, and surprisingly I did the best! It was a great shot, if I do say so myself, and I haven't picked up a golf club in a VERY long time! Dinner was tacos and they were actually pretty good.

Today I cleaned the carpets.  I actually took tomorrow, Monday, as a vacation day so I could clean the carpets then.  My goal was to do it while Brad was at work so I could actually get it done without distraction and without anyone being in my way.  Well, today Brad decided to go out to the woods with his brothers and some friends so I figured now was as good a time as any.  So I did it.  I vacuumed with my parents' Dyson like a fool, then I whipped out our wonderful carpet cleaner and had at it.  The carpets looks pretty darn good, now I'm just waiting for them to dry.

So what shall I do tomorrow now?? I could go to work though I had my heart set on this vacation day... Maybe I will vegetate and watch movies all day? Maybe I will run errands? I don't have any to run though.  Tomorrow, the world is my oyster! What does that mean anyway?

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