Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little Piece of Thrifty Advice

A couple of weeks ago, Brad and I bought a brand new pack of Bounty paper towels.  There were 8 select-a-size rolls in said pack.  It cost in the neighborhood of $10.  After one week dog-sitting and cleaning the urine of an untrained dog from our linoleum and carpet, we went through that entire pack, at least 6 rolls of it anyway.  I have to say it really irked me that I've been doing so well with my couponing and something that should have lasted us a good couple of weeks was gone in no time.  

So I put my foot down.  I said to Brad, "I'm not buying any more paper towels."  

I went to Target to pick up dishwasher soap and on my way to the the back I passed dish cloths.  There was a six pack of dish cloths for $3.99.  I bought them.  I figured before there were paper towels someone used a cloth to wipe down their kitchen.  I'm sure there are people out there today that do that as well, I'm just a little slow.  Anyway, today I wiped down my entire kitchen with one dish cloth.  A job that would typically require like half a roll of paper towels.

And you know what's great? I can wash it and use it again.  

I know that 6 dish cloths aren't enough for me to substitute as paper towels on a daily basis.  So I will buy more, this was just a trial run.  But still, I can buy two more sets of 6 and still have spent about as much as I would on a multi-pack of paper towels.  And use them over and over and over again.  

Like I said before, I might be a late comer to this development, but man am I excited!

Oh and not only is is cost effective, but it's a little green too! :)

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