Monday, July 18, 2011

The List Challenge

So while I was blog-hopping, as I often do when I'm bored, I came upon this blog, Romancing Rachel.  On a very old post from January, she presents this List Challenge.  I've decided to participate, but VERY, VERY late.  And to be honest, I'm not good at participating with things on a daily basis, so chances are I'll just hit the list as I think about it.

Here is # 1:

People who have influenced or inspired you:

I would have to say that the following people inspired me in different ways.  I believe being influenced to be a whole different thing and a more commonplace thing than being inspired.  Being influenced isn't always a good thing either, but being inspired only has positive connotations to me, so here it goes.

My parents: Felix and Carolyn
My sisters: Christine, Kerry, and Tracy
My husband: Brad
My psychologist when I was a teenager: Dr. Barrentine

Here is my master list.

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