Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday afternoon ramblings...

As I sit here waiting for Brad to come pick me up, I decided that I'd make the most out of my time.  It's after 5:00 so I have officially stopped working.  In my book that makes it OK to screw around on the computer.

I've decided to put off my trip to Italy until after I graduate.  After spending too much time checking out my credits, what I still need, etc. I discovered that I only have 15 classes to go after this coming semester.  That's really not a lot if I put my energy and my money towards completing it.  What we'd spend on our trip to Italy would probably pay for four classes, and I need to think about that! Otherwise it will take me many years to complete 15 classes and that's just nuts.  So out comes Ms. Sensible.  I don't like her very much, but I have to live with her so you know how that goes...

Tonight we're going to trivia.  I'm looking forward to it.  Last week we got first place so I'm hoping we keep our title going this week.  I am even looking forward to the food a little bit.  Last week I had some kind of white pizza thing and it was pretty good.  It had shrimp and sun dried tomatoes - yum! I think I want that again if they still have it on the menu.  They change their menu so much there is no telling.

What else?

Oh! We rented the movie Take Me Home Tonight on pay-per-view last night.  It was pretty good.  Brad liked it a lot.  I think it had moments that were overdone, but overall it was good.  It had a great soundtrack at least.  

On Monday, August 1st (I can't believe August 1st is so close by the way) we are switching from Dish Network to Time Warner Cable.  I like Dish Network, I really, really do, but Time Warner is offering a deal for two years for a bundle of TV, phone, and internet that will be $100 less a month than what we are paying now for all three.  How can I turn it down? Once upon a time I had Time Warner and I didn't have any trouble with them, I just moved to an area that was contracted with another provider so I couldn't continue.  So it's a bittersweet ending there.  I hate AT&T so I'll be glad to take my internet away from them.  And I don't really feel one way or another about Vonage.

I'm thinking about getting a blue tooth for my phone.  I have been doing a lot of driving for work and it just makes sense to have one so I can safely make and take calls from the car if I need to.  So I might hit Best Buy this weekend.  

Other than that, no plans for the weekend! I don't have to clean, run errands, do anything at all.  No events, birthdays (that I know of - maybe oops?).  Just chilling at my house, nice.  Then Monday I'm in Columbia for a meeting.  So I don't even have to go to the office on Monday! How GREAT is that????

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