Friday, July 22, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

This week’s statements:

1. I probably ______ way more than I should.
2. I just tried ____ for the first time.
3. If I had to have a large flower bouquet with only one type of flower in it,
it would be made of ______.
4. I ____ a Snuggie.

My answers:

1. I probably definitely procrastinate way more than I should.

2. I just tried some Starkist fish thing for the first time and it was disgusting!  We ended up eating Wendy's for dinner instead!

3. If I had to have a large flower bouquet with only one type of flower in it, it would be made of gerbera daisies.

4. I have a Snuggie.  So does my husband and dog.  Yes, my dog has a Snuggie.  She likes it.


  1. LOL.. I didn't even know they made snuggies for dogs. I like gerbera daisies, but I would have to say Roses are my favorite.

  2. Gigi Ann - I think I got my dog's Snuggie at Walgreens! She's got real thin hair so she gets cold very easily and we do this outdoor thing for Halloween and she sometimes comes, so it was essential she had something to keep her warm! Haha.

  3. The dog has a snuggie! That is the most hilarious thing I have heard in a very long time. How does that work exactly? Do you put it on the dog or does the dog sort of paw around in it and put it on? And what exactly is a Starkist fish thing? Is that something other than tuna?

  4. Brenda - I think I am going to try to take a picture of her in her Snuggie because it's hard to explain! It velcroes underneath, has holes for the arms, etc. Real cute. The Starkist thing is one of those frozen packages of fish filets that you steam... it was awful! I must have had a coupon or was feeling adventurous because that is not something I would normally buy. It was just ick! Teriyaki something or other? Not good. Couldn't even take a bite, it hit my tongue and I was done!

  5. I didn't know they made sunggies for dogs... I wish I had some procrastination in me... I am too compulsive.. I have do do EVERYTHING and do it NOW!

  6. i have the double snuggie because it was supposed to be for me AND my dog. but he stole it.

  7. Hilary - There are things that I am definitely compulsive about! But then there are things, like certain organizational projects, that I procrastinate. I am very random! Saturday morning I got up bright and early and cleaned out my closet, I made my husband do it too. We had an SUV full of stuff for charity. On an absolute whim. But try to get me to straighten up my desk on a day I'm being defiant, no thank you!

    Jennifer - My dog steals my most favorite blankets. They're now in her bed. That's why I bought the Snuggie!


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