Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update: Heat and Plants

If you read this post from the other day, you'll know that here in South Carolina it is disgustingly hot and that I finally bought plants.  It got hotter after that day, in the 100s.  The first day of summer hadn't even hit yet.  Right now it is 98 and feels like 104, and it really really does feel like 104.  So my update on the heat is that it is still hot, hotter even than it was before.  Oh and Sunday, for Father's Day, Brad and I went to my parents' house and swam in their pool, which was 91 degrees.  The sad thing is that the 91 degree water felt fantastic!

And on to the plant drama.  Well I got the tag from the pot we bought the majesty palms in and IT says that these things should only grow to 3-7 feet tall.  With that being read, we are going to leave them alone.  Kind of.  We are going to move them about a foot because the tag says to plant them 24-32 inches apart and they're about a foot from the house, so we're going to move them at least another foot away from the house for good measure.  So all is well there.  If they still somehow turn into huge beastly trees, we'll deal with that when it happens.  I still think I'm getting a little ahead of myself here since anything green I try to put in the ground dies almost immediately.  So we'll see how this goes...

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