Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The One-Minute Writer

This is something new I am going to try.  I saw it on a fellow bloggers blog and thought it was neat and decided to give it a whirl.  I don't call myself a writer by any means, but I do enjoy writing.  So we'll see what happens!

I was not popular as a kid.  When I was in school, being popular either meant you were an athlete or into bad things.  I wasn’t either of those things.  Today I’m not popular either.  I have friends but I’m not really involved in any groups or anything where popularity would be measured.


  1. I can relate to that Jennifer. I was a social pariah in high school. Bad bad experience.

  2. Hey, Jennifer, welcome!

    I think it's interesting how popularity is more of a "yes/no" thing in high school, but as an's much harder to define.

    Hope to see you around The One-Minute Writer!

    -C. Beth (The One-Minute Writer)

  3. Hey C. Beth! I love the idea behind The One Minute Writer! You are so creative. I will definitely be around more!


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