Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Monkey

I was just reading a fellow bloggers report of how her children have some "comfort items", like a teddy bear or a blanket.  It made me think of my Daisy and her little comforter, Monkey.

Shortly after we got Daisy, she found a monkey stuffed animal in my closet.  She decided that the monkey was hers and took it.  When Daisy was a pup, she was little.  Unfortunately my baby pictures of her crashed with my old computer, so I can't illustrate, but think smaller than a tea cup Chihuahua and that was Daisy as a baby.  And here she comes dragging this monkey about 4-5 times her size.  

Daisy takes Monkey with her everywhere she goes.  If she's chilling in the living room, she goes and gets Monkey from wherever she left him.  She is completely attached to Monkey.  I'm afraid to wash Monkey because I think she might freak out.  Monkey goes with her to the vet.  Monkey spends the night out with her when we're out of town and she's with my parents or Brad's parents.  Daisy and Monkey are like peas and carrots. 

So here is the weird part... Daisy "sucks" on Monkey's foot.  So much so that Monkey's foot is deformed.  She's been doing this since she was little, maybe to mimic nursing from her mom? I don't know.  But she started it and never stopped.  She'll get Monkey, lay down with him, and foot in mouth.  She doesn't do anything dirty, she's a lady, she just has a thing for the monkey's foot!

Here is my pooch caught in action...

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