Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

1. What is your favorite yogurt flavor?

Vanilla! Any kind.  I am currently eating Yoplait Thick and Creamy Lowfat Vanilla yogurt for breakfast, as I type.  I know many people think that vanilla is plain and boring, but it's not, it is indeed a flavor and I stand by that! Hence the reason there is plain yogurt and vanilla yogurt.  

2. Ankle or knee socks? And on the same theme, white or colored?

Ankle socks.  I hate to wear socks so if I must I will wear ankle socks, unless I'm going out into the woods or something, then I will wear calf socks, but never knee.  I almost always wear white socks but at one point I did have a thing for themed socks so I have quite a stash of fun colored and patterned socks.

3. How is the weather right now?

Hot! It was 80 degrees (Farenheit) when I left my house at 8:00 this morning and it is 84 here at work, just 20 miles away.  It's already humid out as well.  We haven't had rain in who knows how long and we keep getting near missed from thunderstorms.  Last night I heard the thunder and saw the lightning, but it missed us anyway.  Very frustrating and my water bill was up $8 because we've been watering the lawn so much due to the lack of rain!

4. Are you a fast typer?

Yes, I believe so.  There are some times when I type slower than dirt (whatever that means) but most times, especially when I'm a roll and know what I want to say, where I type real fast!

5. Red or white whine?

Red! Cabernet is my favorite though I do tend to sample different varieties.  That's my ol' reliable choice.  I'm rarely disappointed.


  1. sounds like summer weather where you are come see my answers at

  2. I really dislike hot humid weather. It makes me feel really glad that its winter time where I am :)

  3. It has been summer weather here for about a month now! 9:00 at night and 82 degrees! Blech! It's funny because when it's 20 degrees this winter I'm going to be wanting the 80 degrees back! =)


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