Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Back to School

I just commented on another blogger's post about going back to school and I thought I'd take a moment to chat about it here.  I may have said a thing or two in another post, or if I know you in person you may have heard me say this as well, so I apologize if it is repeat information. :)

When I was younger, I was never the best student.  I was always intelligent, but I never applied myself, I simply didn't care.  Looking back, my former attitude really ticks me off, but I was a kid and kids do the darnedest things.

I am a HUGE advocate for school today.  Grade school, college, trade school, GED, whatever.  I say do it, you are never too old.  Ever, I don't care what anyone says.  You can always go back to school.  There are so many opportunities out there for financial aid.  And there are so many colleges and universities that have programs designed to help adult learners balance life, work, and their education.  Take advantage!

Many moons ago I wanted to be a psychologist.  I had seen a psychologist as a teenager and she helped me a lot, I decided that this is what I wanted to do.  When it came time to go back to school, the thought of being a psychologist intimidated me because of all the schooling it would take.  I thought about anything and everything else I was even the slightest bit interested in as an alternative to all the years it would take me to become a psychologist.  I started school for business management, changed my major to accounting, changed my major to education, then changed it to psychology.  

Psychology was what I loved and I just couldn't avoid that.  So I figured I'd go for it.  As I got involved in the field I found that there are other ways to becoming a counselor.  You can get a master degree.  You can enter the social services industry with a bachelor degree.  There is so much you can do and you don't have to be intimidated.  While you're doing that, you can keep going to school.  That's what I'm doing. 

I have my associate degree in psychology and I'm working towards my bachelor degree.  Yes, I'm going to be 30 in 6 months.  Yes, I wish I had done this 10 years ago.  But part of me wonders if 10 years ago I would have known that this is what I wanted.  Would I have known that psychology was going to be the field that I loved? Maybe not.  Maybe if I did this 10 years ago I'd have spent the same amount of money I'm spending now and had a generic degree that couldn't get me a job if I begged or I'd be in a job that I hate.  Who knows? So the bright side is that at least I'm doing something that I love, even if it is many years after it should have been done.  

I'm happy and that's what's important!  

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