Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Question Friday! Happy Friday!

I have to start this post by saying, TGIF! Even with one work at home day, this week has been LONG.  I can't wait for the weekend.

1. What is your current favorite TV show?

Criminal Minds.  I'm pretty certain of this.  I love that show and I watch reruns all the time.  I freak if I miss a new episode, thank goodness for DVR because that doesn't happen anymore.

2. What's the worst haircut you ever got?

I would say the bowl haircuts I used to get when I was little.  I might not have liked them back then, but I looked kind of cute in some of the pictures I've looked at.  So I guess I'd have to say the one I gave myself.  Yes, I did it.  It actually wasn't that bad, but I can't think of a worse hair cute then giving yourself one.  Thank goodness my hair is curly and you couldn't tell that this hair was longer than that hair... I seriously almost cut my own hair two evenings ago.  The heat has officially gotten to me and I want it chopped! I almost did it myself.  

3. What was something you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?

Cutting my own hair? Ha, no... umm, define "child".  What ages suit this range? When I was a teenager I thought I was so cool for sneaking cigarettes and cutting class - looking back, not so much.  But as a child, hmm... probably showing some mad skills on my bicycle or roller skates.  Maybe roller skating/bike riding all the way to the stores in town.  I could imagine that would be something I would have been proud of.

4. Do you have any great frugal family fun tips?

Not really.  The best thing I can think of is pay-per-view versus the movie theater and purchase an Entertainment Book or other coupon filled book.  It has coupons for dining and entertainment and then some for your particular area.  My husband and I have played tourist often and cheap by using said coupon books.

5. Would you drive across the country if you had money to fly?

In a heart beat! Personally, I love to drive.  Not sure what it is about it, maybe all the time that you have to just think and chill and not have to do anything but drive? Yes, I know the United States is wide, but I would LOVE to visit every state and I would LOVE to see different things in every state.  I think there are so many awesome things to see in the USA and what better way to try to see as much as you can than by driving across it?? One day I will go on a cross country trip! That's like # 1 on my bucket list.

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