Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Minute Writer: Job

I used to work at a chain restaurant.  I worked at one location then later moved to another.  Well there was this girl who worked at the one I left who I couldn’t stand.  Ugh.  So I was out sick at the new restaurant and when I was feeling better I went to pick up my paycheck before my shift, turns out that girl had transferred to my store! I got my check, left the restaurant and never ever went back! Let me tell you, this was not just me being a teenager, that girl was EVIL! I don’t have enough time to get into that story.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh yeah and


They could win the college world series for the second time in a row tonight!!


No one has any idea how excited I am right now!! I am working on a DIY project that I am in love with! I haven't actually begun it yet, but I'm in the planning stages.  So many of my friends are crafty and coming up with all these wonderful and amazing ideas and I felt like there has got to be something out there that I could do.  And I found it.  So I'm not releasing any information just yet, like I said I'm still in the planning stage - but I had to share at least that much because I'm so excited!

Learn Something New Tuesday

I hope Tuesday is better than Monday...

1. If you could be friends with one reality show star, who would it be?

I hate reality TV, really, really hate it.  The best thing I can think of is someone from a cooking show or one of the cake shows because I love that stuff and it is technically reality TV.  In fact those are more real then those other shows that put people in ridiculously impossible and uncommon situations.

2. What is your favorite flavor coffee creamer?

The one that makes coffee not taste like coffee? I don't drink coffee, ick!

3. Do you have a favorite pizza place? What is it and why?

Not really.  We usually just order Dominoes.  Being a New Yorker and Italian, it's hard for me to like just any pizza.  If I had to choose a yummy pizza place in South Carolina, I would have to pick Baroni's in Charleston.  So many of the places I used to go to in NY have closed or changed names that I couldn't even say what my favorite back there was.

4. Do you have any family traditions?

Not really, but Brad and I are working on starting some traditions of our own.

5. What is your favorite crafty type thing to do?

Card making.  I've kind of hit a wall with it though because I don't really have a lot of supplies so I get bored with what I've got because I don't feel I can be as creative as I'd like to be.  I still work on it though and do the best that I can.  I really enjoy doing it, it's like a break from reality.

6. Do you like to have pictures taken of you or do you like to be the one taking them?

I like to be the one taking them! I never really like pictures of me unless they're formal and I'm all dressed up and decked out.  I love to take pictures! It's a hobby of mine that I haven't really played around with in a while, but I really do love it!
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